Anime quotes



“If you have time to think of a beautiful ending then live beautifully to the end” who did I just quote there? of course it was the one and only Sakata Gintoki from Gintama. most people say that anime is childish and it’s a waste of time and you learn nothing from it but Otaku’s know that isn’t the truth anime has taught us lots of things for example One Piece and Fairy Tail taught us to take care of our friends like they are family,Attack on Titan taught us to never give up no matter how hard times can be,Shugo Chara told us to be our selves at all times am I right?


Anime has the most meaningful quotes to it example these ones:

‘So What? You’re another person of course you look different,What do you need to be ashamed for?” Ciel [Black Butler] 

‘The only thing we’re allowed to do is believe that we won’t regret the choice we made” Levi [Attack on Titan]

“Stand up and walk. keep moving forward,Atleast you have a strong pair of legs to take you there” Edward Elric [Fullmetal Alchemist] 


See what I mean they’re really meaningful and that’s one thing I love anime for it’s more like an escape from everything else for me also it always manages to make me laugh  ^-^ well see you guys later for my next post~

Haruoki The Demon Fleeting Blossom Review

Haruoki The Demon Fleeting Blossom:
So at first I looked at the cover I automaticly said I am doing Heisukes route first then Okitas cause those two are my favs!!!!!

So Heisuke’s route was my favourite I found it the damn cutest route well other people have other opinions but Heisukes Route was the cutest for me

Anyway so the opening hooked me it was a beautiful opening I loved it so much that its now on my Ipod yay!!!!! And the ending was nice too I love a game when the music,Voice acting and intro and outra songs are awesome!!!!

so far so good the story line was amazing I was a demon ok thats cool a full demon not a half demon like me being half demon is cool and all but being a full means better control of your demon side most girls do Hijikata’s route but I liked Heisuke’s and Okita’s cause they were amazing especially Heisuke’s it made me blush at times cause most of the moments were adorable

Okita made me want to slap him at times for wanting to kill me god what was his problem!!!!! other then that he was ok what the hell was his problem if you don’t do this I’ll kill you I FELT LIKE KILLING HIM but I don’t have the heart to go do it……………………………………….

well sorry if this is a short review of an amazing game but I think this game deserves 10/10 cause it is so damn perfect ok so see you guys later

Pokemon Black:
So Pokemon has always been on of the greats with pokemon black theres improved stuff……stuff anyway so you start off with no pokemon then you get one later thanks to a professor thank you professor!!!! Anyhow so its the same story you just gotta CATCH EM ALL!!!!! Well I beat the game with just 6 XD

Hell yes I am amazing but I miss my Charizard!!!! He is so awesome with his flamethrower move well most or all fire types have it but when Charizard does it he looks pretty much bad ass and I feel like I can pawned everything even thus Zekrom (however ya spell his name) I think Charizard can we are getting of topic!

So the music is a amazing as always you can’t beat it, same story cause of the whole same story thingy I think it needs a bit more challenge and thinking the games simple you can always work out how the story’s gonna play maybe a game where you get to play as a gym leader or as a team rocket member (terrible idea but you get what I’m saying leave in the comment section what you think the new pokemon story line should be or maybe even a anime crossover]

I’ve always loved Pokemon and its RPG stuff and swearing at my rival and laughing at him when I win I sound like a total asshole right now I always name my rival POOP or Poo
I am a random person……..So Pokemon hasn’t changed much just the pokemon and names of people well its still a great game and I have beaten all pokemon games I have played I just want a better story and Maybe a difficulty choice thing so like Easy,Medium and Hard so to create more challenge tell me in the comments if you want me to review a game for you I’d love to reveiw games for you well Pokemon has scored itself

8/10 just because I want a harder difficulty or maybe a difficulty choice thing and a new story and thats it s

Attack on Titan~

I recently finished this amazing anime it starts off humble and nice…ish anyhow it goes all drama from then Eren’s mothers eaten and lots of people die that’s something I noticed alot in the anime ALOT of deaths I didn’t mind it that much one thing that cracked me up was Levi’s lines and Titans I just can’t take titans seriously they look ridiculous like really ridiculous especially meaty [aka the colossal titan] yup I nicknamed the titan goes to show how random I am….well the charecters are awesome and by the name it looks like a serious anime but it’s hilarious and it happens to crack me up alot my fav charecter happens to be Levi then Sasha then Hanji cause they always crack me up if you haven’t watched it you have to watch it! it’s an awesome anime and it’s something a lot of people have been talking about and it’s getting a life action movie~ can’t wait for that~

(P)lanets -the life of normalcy has ended! Walkthrough

I just finished (P)lanets -the life of normalcy has ended and it was an awesome Otome Game! I loved the art style and everything so I just wanted to give you guys the walkthrough and of course the link to download this awesome game [it’s a free Otome Game!]

Ryuu Lucan Kaius
Stay behind Stay behind Catch up with him
I don’t remember! 4-A. 4-B.
Roof Classroom Courtyard
Laugh Accept Stay here.
Energetic & Happy Cute and sweet Mysterious and cool.
Roof Courtyard Cafeteria
Teasingly wake him up That sounds great! I should ask Kaius for help.
I should help him out I should help Lucan. Ryuu was at fault.
You shouldn’t be so violent I wish you two would stop fighting I want to be close with Kaius
Do you really feel that way? You aren’t pathetic.


Stay behind.
Mysterious and cool.
I don’t need his help.
Ryuu was at fault.
I have someone else in mind.
You can sleep here.