Pokemon Black:
So Pokemon has always been on of the greats with pokemon black theres improved stuff……stuff anyway so you start off with no pokemon then you get one later thanks to a professor thank you professor!!!! Anyhow so its the same story you just gotta CATCH EM ALL!!!!! Well I beat the game with just 6 XD

Hell yes I am amazing but I miss my Charizard!!!! He is so awesome with his flamethrower move well most or all fire types have it but when Charizard does it he looks pretty much bad ass and I feel like I can pawned everything even thus Zekrom (however ya spell his name) I think Charizard can we are getting of topic!

So the music is a amazing as always you can’t beat it, same story cause of the whole same story thingy I think it needs a bit more challenge and thinking the games simple you can always work out how the story’s gonna play maybe a game where you get to play as a gym leader or as a team rocket member (terrible idea but you get what I’m saying leave in the comment section what you think the new pokemon story line should be or maybe even a anime crossover]

I’ve always loved Pokemon and its RPG stuff and swearing at my rival and laughing at him when I win I sound like a total asshole right now I always name my rival POOP or Poo
I am a random person……..So Pokemon hasn’t changed much just the pokemon and names of people well its still a great game and I have beaten all pokemon games I have played I just want a better story and Maybe a difficulty choice thing so like Easy,Medium and Hard so to create more challenge tell me in the comments if you want me to review a game for you I’d love to reveiw games for you well Pokemon has scored itself

8/10 just because I want a harder difficulty or maybe a difficulty choice thing and a new story and thats it s

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